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26July 2017

Emergency Nursing Assignments are Proficiently Solved by BookMyEssay Writers

The emergency nursing is a nursing specialty that encompasses caring for patients of all age groups and conditions, i.e. right from taking care for delivering babies and resuscitating trauma arrests to administering emergency medications in any emergency situation. As an emergency nurse, these nursing professionals need to be well skilled in handling emergency patients in any condition anytime. As such, the pace of emergency nursing varies from slow to hyper drive, and it can change frequently. Students of nursing are frequently given assignments on emergency nursing. Students habitually contact BookMyEssay to complete their assignments on emergency nursing appropriately.

Personal Attributes of an Emergency Nurse:

The profession is one of the toughest one in this nursing profession. The job is very complicated and highly responsible one. Every minute in this service has some importance. Some personal attributes of an emergency nurse are as follows –

  • Capacity to shift pace of working and adjusting to the certain change of environment.
  • The best possible observation power and prioritization skill.
  • Higher stamina to work seamlessly for hours even in tough situations.
  • Multitasking ability.
  • Ability to think fast and take an instant decision.
  • Expert knowledge on the applicability of medical devices and read data as per the doctor’s decision.

Some essential jobs these nurses often perform are the following ones –

  • Starting intravenous lines,
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation,
  • Administering emergency medication,
  • Rescue breathing,
  • Applying and operating ventilation,
  • Intubation,
  • Transfusing blood,
  • Tracheotomies,
  • Stitching,
  • Closed reduction
  • Delivering babies

These nursing professionals need to have a clear understanding of various pathological testing methods and calibrations including ECG and X-rays.

Where Do Emergency Nurses Practice?

The demand for emergency nurses is very high. They normally practice in the following places –

  • Emergency departments in the hospitals
  • In administrative service in the hospitals
  • As instructors or trainers in the schools of nursing in Universities or Colleges
  • In medical research institutes
  • In the emergency care centers
  • In the prehospital transport
  • In military hospitals or medical camps
  • In flight nursing systems in the helicopters or airplanes
  • In poison control centers
  • As emergency nurses in crisis intervention centers
  • As emergency nurses in prisons or correctional facilities

In fact, the necessity of certified emergency nurses is everywhere. These professionals are getting ever widening exposure, thus, students of nursing and professional general nurses are getting more interest in emergency nursing certification.

The process of Obtaining Emergency Nursing Certification:

For getting certification as an emergency nurse, nursing professional needs to be a ‘Registered Nurse’ in the USA.

Experience in working in emergency medical conditions is a must for pursuing an emergency nursing career. There are plenty of ways to get experience in this field like one can work as a “floating nurse” in the emergency facility of the hospital where she is working now. To work as an emergency nurse, certification as an emergency nurse is not compulsory in the USA, but many employers ask for this certification to recruit a nursing professional in this service. So, experts, highly recommend getting certification from the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing in the USA. The rules are more or less similar in other countries.

To become a certified emergency nurse, a nursing professional needs at least two years of experience in working in an emergency medical facilities. After which, she is qualified to sit in the Certified Emergency Nurses examination conducted by the above-mentioned board.

Characteristics of Emergency Nursing Assignments

From the above discussion, anybody can get an idea of the basic nursing responsibilities of an emergency nurse. Assignments on emergency nursing normally cover the above mentioned medical, administrative and managerial responsibilities of an emergency nursing professional. The assignments normally any problems that need to be solved or students are asked to place their opinions on certain situations. It is true that without in-depth knowledge on the various perspectives of emergency nursing these assignments couldn’t be solved successfully.

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