6December 2018

Imaging Diagnostic and Pathology in Oncological People Management

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IDPM in Oncology

The main purpose behind conducting general and translational cancer research is to find the personalized medications. To develop personalized therapeutic protocols, there is a need to build the necessary transdisciplinary and synergistic proficiency. In fact, the newly developed therapies hardly ever consider the aptitude of cancer cells and inter-individual inconsistency to deal with the molecular and genetic adaptation in drug resistance process.

Various biomedical developments and discoveries have been made for this. But, still there is a need to create the patient-customized medical or health care which is too far away from what is used today. There are only few molecules that reduce the preclinical test are actually adaptable to be used for diagnosis and the rapeutical purposes in the clinical centers.

There are numbers of causes for the difference between investigational data and its potential use in analysis and therapy of new anticancer molecules. Some of these include irregularity of experimental strategies and plans, biological difference between animals’ models and human illnesses, and improper or faulty conversion of the outcomes. According to preclinical studies, it is found that no investigational data is validated and verified by the pathologists, who have many years of experience in the cancer animal models.

Synergic Combination for Patient-Tailored Medical Care

Due to the reasons (as discussed in the above paragraph), the understanding and awareness of patient-adapted therapeutic anticancer practices demand synergic arrangement among knowledge of various disciplines such as anatomic pathology seems evident & nuclear medications. This consists of 2 basic ways to setup diagnosis, medical monitoring, assessment of prognosis of patient, and response of these patients on the therapy.

The best thing is to consider the manuscripts that provide new data in oncological research. The data collected during research is gathered after doing complete molecular imaging, radiological, and histopathological analysis.

Some of the most important topics are listed as below –

  1. Complete oncological patient management in the digital world right from imaging diagnostic to the digital pathology
  2. Circulating tumor markers such as cancer cells and DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)
  3. PSMA (Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen) CT (Computer-Aided Tomography) or PET and Choline in prostate cancer suffering people/patients. It involves vivo and ex vivo investigations
  4. Animal models and creation of advanced oncological biomarkers
  5. Breast micro calcifications’ chemical, radiological, molecular, and histological analysis to determine the exact biological and diagnostic value
  6. Development of new methodologies to properly match PET (Positron Emission Tomography), SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography), and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) pictures to the histological slides
  7. Early predictive markers of the oncological problems (illnesses)
  8. Tumor-infiltrating immune cells imaging in terms of vivo and ex vivo investigation
  9. Advanced techniques of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the digital picture processing
  10. New best molecular predictive and prognostic factors for the bone metastasis

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