20December 2018

Information about the Health Risks for Staff Nurses

Nursing is one of the noble and respectable professions. This gives lots of success and respect to the candidate those are working as a Nurse in health care centre. There are several specialisation category candidates get in this profession. They need to pick the best option on the basis of their knowledge as well as interest. They get the various best options as well all over the world in every reputed organization. We know that students need the best and quality assistance and writing data to score the best marks. They can easily get every kind of best writing material from our best nursing assignment writing help service. We write the best and topic related information in our every assignment for students related to nursing course.

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Information about the Health Risks for Staff Nurses

  • Musculoskeletal Injury: One of the most common health problems faced by the nurses because the have to do the various activities after getting the admission in the nursing sector. They have to work hard to complete the entire work. That’s the main reason they face the various health issues like Musculoskeletal Injury. This is mainly an injury that refers to damage of muscular or skeleton system that occurs due to a strenuous action. According to the study, 25% of nurses are facing this health issue in their professional life.
  • Symptoms of Musculoskeletal Injury: People with Musculoskeletal pain most of the times complains about the body ache. They feel muscles pain due to their hectic schedule.

Here we are writing some common symptoms like:

  1. Pain
  2. Fatigue
  3. Sleep disturbances
  • Needlesticks and Sharps Injuries: This expose workers to bloodborne pathogens continue to be a vital hazard for health care employees. In this sector of healthcare most of the employees are suffering from this problem. This is one of the pathogenic microorganisms that are mainly presentin human blood and can cause various kinds of diseases in human. This mainly includes Human Immune deficiency Virus, Hepatitis B Virus etc. This is oneof the major concerns for the employees those are working the hospital. To get the additional information about these concepts you can download the nursing assignment writing help online from our website after completing the few formalities.
  • Hazardous Medications: this is a kind of drug that are mainly used to cause harm which may be include or may not include genotoxicity. This mainly includes the antineoplastic agents that used to treat cancer. The main fact is that many of these antineoplastic binds to DNA which is mainly interference with cell growth and proliferation. This mainly provide the support to cause the cancer. Most of the nurses and health care employees are affected from this disease. Because they need to provide the treatment to the patient so that they get the best and possible outcome.

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