13March 2018

An Integral Part of Educational World, Examination –Learn How to Prepare

Examinations are very important to judge one’s knowledge and skill he/she acquired throughout the session. Exams are horror to many students. They considered them necessary evil of academic study process. Most of the students are very afraid of exam fever. They try hard to learn things but due to severe nervousness, they fail to do so. Examinations are designed to allow students to show and demonstrate their knowledge they acquired and retained from an entire semester.

Examination is necessary to develop good learning skills in students and make them perfect for future growth and development. There are many advantages and disadvantages in the examination system but it cannot be removed from our educational pattern. Hence, every student has to face examination for better achievements. As the exams are unavoidable, following suggested tips are very helpful for examination preparation: –

Plan Syllabus Covering Strategy

The final examination is nearer and you left with lot of syllabus to cover. So, to avoid such situation it is better to prepare a strategy or to adopt a time saving planning in which you can cover your all syllabus with-in the time limit.

You will feel very relaxed and anxiety free when you divided your full syllabus according to leftover days. This will help you in giving you a nervousness free environment to read and learn.

Prepare Review Study Notes

It is always better to prepare study notes for examination consist of important topic. There are always some topics which are surely to come in every examination. Sometimes some topics are very vast and you find them difficult to learn and revise every time. You can short these by preparing notes and make points of those topics covering all essential information.

Study notes are very helpful because it saves your time and you will get all important information at one place without referring so many sources.

Compact and Concise Information

During examination, you are provided with syllabus. Sometimes extra topics are added in syllabus and you have to cover previous topics again as well as cover new area too. Now it is problematic phase as you are very tensed as from where you will get enough time for preparation. The only available solution is to reduce.

Reduce doesn’t mean to cut your topics in-fact it means to concise your information by cutting extra and useless volume of what you have to study without harming your level of knowledge.

You can do this, by using keywords, headings, and logically relate topics in a way that you can able to memorise the full information just by having look to them.

Strengthen your Learning Power

Try to strengthen your learning power. You can do this by developing a strategy to test yourself. Fetching your brain in active recall on a regular basis improves your learning and strengthens your memory. Confidence is the key to success. Building confidence in your learning ability will also motivate you to study for longer and thus reduce exam stress.

Consider your Academic Assignment

Do consider your prepared academic assignments during exams days as it covers important topic and some extra topics which may come in question form. Assignments are the essential part of the educational system and help you to score good during the examination.

The main aim of faculties to provide you with assignments is to make you capable in acquiring full information regarding your syllabus.

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