27December 2018

The Sample Paper for the Bipolar Disorder

There is no denying that every one of us is aware of nursing after all majority of the readers have seen them on big screens, television ads and maybe even personally seen them at work in real life. As we mentioned in the previous blog “Characteristics of the Successful Nurses” Nursing is all about caring and empathy. The contribution of nurses in the health sector is beyond words. The profession itself ranked as one of the most trusted profession for the 15 consecutive years. Students who want to serve in the healthcare sector helping those who are in need often pursue their career in this field. These students have to work with the tight schedule which leaves no free time for their assignment writing on nursing. The situation gets worse when students have to write down the sample paper on the particular disease or disorder. Thankfully, BookMyEssay is always here to help them out. They have a team of professional subject writers who can write on any topic.

APA Style Research Paper on Bipolar Disorder














Students often find difficult to deal with the sample paper writing as it requires lots of information, writing skills and experience to come up with the quality nursing research paper writing. In the below post, you will learn how to write a research paper on bipolar disorder.

Understand the Bipolar Disorder, Symptoms and Treatment

As a medical student, you may have heard about the bipolar disorder which is a mood disorder that could be easily determined with the symptom of cycling in between extreme excitement and happiness. Before writing a sample paper on a disorder, it is important to learn everything about it including the definition, symptoms and treatment. Around one to two per cent Australian suffers from this disorder. The bipolar disorder could be either hereditary or the accidental. Although in many patients the symptoms are mild and do not make a huge impact on life there are also some severe cases where bipolar can make a major impact on the major life areas including work, school, and community relationships.

There is a never ending debate on what constitutes the bipolar disease and its diagnosis. Duarte, Becerra and Cruise (2016) found out after examining students for 23 years that bipolar disease can actually make a negative impact on the student’s learning power, occupational success and relationship stability. Students from the age 15-19 are more likely to suffer from the bipolar diseases and less likely to be successfully employed, married and completed their education.

Main Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Symptoms related to the bipolar disorder are behavioural with the minor change in the brain activity. Bullock, Murray and Meyer (2017), after the study, found out that there are some clear physical tests that can be used to examine several bipolar mood episodes. The extreme mood change in bipolar patients can last long from a few hours to a week making it further difficult it to differentiate the symptoms from the usual behaviour. Hire science assignment writing help from the BookMyEssay to learn more.

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

The practitioners who deal with the bipolar patients follows the strict theoretical framework which further guides them with decisions regarding how to deal with the bipolar patients. Studies have revealed that both therapeutic and pharmaceutical treatment is the best medical provisions for bipolar patients.

In the end, we expect that you can use the given example to write nursing research paper yourself but if you still have any doubts regarding the science homework writing help service then, visit BookMyEssay today.

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